I strive to create experiences that are simple to use and a joy to experience. I love to inject humor into a project and believe it is one of the best ways to communicate an idea or give a taste as to the humans behind a project. I love to use animation to strengthen the connection between ideas and to increase the usability of a product or system.

UI Technical Artist / Technical Interface Designer

C# animations, particle effects, UI animation and layout, lens flares. Everything animated, both hand-coded and manually tweened. Replicating sports broadcast in 2D. Weather effects. Interactive widgets. Scoreboards. Loading screens. NIS Animations. Rapid prototyping. Menu systems. Animated advertisements. Game manuals. Background animations. Ambient lighting effects. Building tools for the designers and artists to speed up workflow. Batch scripting with JSX files using Photoshop.

Cinema4D/After Effects Animation and Motion Graphics

C4D modelling and animating. After Effects animation. Motion graphics and visual effects.

Flash & Actionscript, HTML5 and Javascript

I've been working with Flash since version 2 and have a wide portfolio of work including kiosk games, interactive pieces, websites, animations, maps and everything under the sun. I've always tried to create user experiences that are simple to grasp, easy to understand and enjoyable to interact with.

Animation Generalist

I love to animate stuff. And I love to do it in HTML5, Unity, iOS, Actionscript, AfterEffects, Adobe Edge and Cinema4D.

About Me

  • I am a game developer based in Vancouver, BC.
  • I have almost 10 years of experience in a variety of web and video game related fields;
    • UI Technical Artist
    • Developer
    • Designer
    • Animator
  • I love to design, program and animate.

I am a highly creative professional with great references.

About Me

Danny Mather

Video Game Developer

I am a Vancouver-based video game developer specializing in animation coding. I started at EA Canada in 2007 and have worked on a variety of Console and Mobile titles in the role of UI Technical Artist or Technical Interface Designer. I have worked on a variety of games including FIFA, UFC Mobile, NHL, NBA, Fight Night Champion and Need For Speed. I specialize in UI animation, particle effects, Unity VFX, 2D animations, sprite sheets, interactive prototypes, menu systems and adding excitement and surprise to every project.

Contact Me

I am always looking for interesting work. Please contact me using the details below.

Contact Address

1117 O'Flaherty Gate,
Port Coquitlam, BC
V3C 6H2

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